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The Tri-City Christian School is a ministry of Tri-City Bible Church

The TCCS School Board is comprised of a minimum of 8 members. Board members serve three-year terms.

The role and responsibilities of the school board:

  • Determine school policies in harmony with the Church, Articles of Faith, and school board bylaws.
  • Actively seek ways of effective communication to all stakeholders within the Tri-City Christian School constituency.
  • Approve and encourage an administrative and teaching staff who are qualified to carry out the educational program and policies of the school.
  • Ensure the necessary funding for operating the school and determine its distribution.
  • Assure itself of the faithful carrying out of the school’s mission, vision, educational program and policies by consistent involvement in school activities.
  • Orient new members and develop all members in Christian leadership.
  • Enact bylaws to govern and regulate the operations of the Board.

Process of becoming a board member at TCCS:

  • Potential board members must prayerfully consider their motivation and the time commitment involved in serving in the important role of shepherding the mission of the school and staff.
  • Applications are made available in the month of April and must be turned into the TCBC Church Elder Board by May 1st.
  • Applications are reviewed and by the Church Elder Board and candidates will be interviewed.
  • Approved candidates will be voted upon by the school and the church members.
  • Following the voting, candidates who receive a confirmation of 50% of the vote will become a TCCS board member.

Board Meetings

  • Board Meetings are conducted the 3rd Thursday of each month.
  • Open Board Meetings are held in September, December, and March.
  • Closed Board Meetings are all other months other than September, December, and March.

Communicating to the Board

Questions, concerns, suggestions, or affirmations may be communicated to the school board through an email or by attending an open board meeting.

School Board Members for the 2016-2017 School Year

Mike Kelley, Board Chair, email:
Bob Luther, Vice Chair, email:
Bruce Zimmerman, Finance Chair, email:
Raquel Pulse, Secretary, email:
Colleen Cole, email:
Justin Cummings, email:
Kurt de Pfyffer, email:
Brian Hicks, email:
Leslee Gaul, email:
Terry Gustafson, email:
David Simpson, email:

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This Week at TCCS

Wed Apr 26 @12:00AM
4-8 Honor Choir
Wed Apr 26 @12:00AM
7-8 Terra Nova Testing
Wed Apr 26 @12:00AM
High School Guitar Chapel
Wed Apr 26 @12:00AM
Junior High ASB Lunch Event
Wed Apr 26 @12:00AM
K-6 Terra Nova Testing
Wed Apr 26 @ 7:30AM -
K-4 Soaring Eagles
Wed Apr 26 @ 8:40AM - 09:40AM

Tomorrow's events

Thu Apr 27 @12:00AM
7-8 Terra Nova Testing
Thu Apr 27 @12:00AM
Grade 7 Star of India
Thu Apr 27 @12:00AM
K-6 Terra Nova Testing
Thu Apr 27 @12:00AM
Spirit Dress Day

Events on Friday 28th

Fri Apr 28 @12:00AM
ACSI Speech Meet
Fri Apr 28 @12:00AM
Grade 7 Star of India
Fri Apr 28 @12:00AM
Grade 8 Forensics Field Trip
Fri Apr 28 @12:00AM
K-12 Half Day
Fri Apr 28 @12:00AM
School Uniform Day
Fri Apr 28 @12:00AM
Senior Exhibition

Events on Saturday 29th

Sat Apr 29 @12:00AM
High School Prom

Events on Sunday 30th

No events

Events on Monday 1st

No events

Events on Tuesday 2nd

Tue May 02 @12:00AM
Grade 4 Sacramento/San Francisco Trip
Tue May 02 @12:00AM
K-12 Crazy Sock Day


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