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King RodI love what TCCS stands for and I love what I do as the principal of the high school.
~  High School Principal

The high school years are an exciting and important time in one’s life. At TCCS, the faculty is committed to inspiring our students to embrace spiritual commitment and to strive for excellence in all facets of their lives.

Our Faculty and Staff care about our students!

Relationships between faculty and students create a vibrant atmosphere at TCCS and our students know that their teachers care deeply about them.

Spiritual growth is inspired!

A curriculum that is taught from a Christian worldview, weekly chapels and Bible classes, worship services, missions trips, and community service provide opportunities for our students to grow in their faith and love for Jesus Christ. We value spiritual growth in Christ at TCCS

The Academic Program is a fit for all students!

Regular, honors, and AP classes allow for each and every student to be challenged according to each one’s aptitude and willingness to work hard. Our faculty is dedicated to differentiating instruction to meet the learning styles of all students.

Opportunities are available for our students to discover their God-given gifts and talents!

A student at TCCS can be in the school musical, sing in the choir, excel in academics, compete athletically on a team sport at a high competitive level, join and lead a club, and have fun just being a teenager. Our students are not, “couch potatoes!” They get involved in their school.

College planning begins in Junior High at TCCS!

Because the college admissions process is vitally important, our program begins in the 7th grade. This is done to inform our students and parents of the opportunities and requirements they should know and understand to prepare them for college in the future.

Right brain and left brain learning involves taking electives!

Students at TCCS excel in the Visual and Performing Arts. Junior High students will be exposed to the arts, and high school students are required to take two years of a visual and performing art. Students can choose from regular and advanced classes in Choir, Art, Guitar, and Drama.

Why do we do what we do at TCCS? Because we desire that our graduates leave TCCS prepared and equipped to make a difference in their culture for Jesus Christ! Our students are “prepared here, to serve there.”

I love what TCCS stands for and I love what I do as the principal of the high school. Thank you for exploring our program and make sure to become a part of the TCCS experience!


In His Service,

Rod King

High School Principal


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