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High School Student Activities




Game Nights


An opportunity for students to get together and have some friendly competition playing games such as dodgeball or Kajabe Can-Can. Class points are given out for all students who attend and prizes are awarded to the winning players or teams.

Junior/Senior Retreat*


Each year TCCS sponsors the mandatory Junior/Senior Retreat.  This is a time of fellowship, team building and bonding.  The retreat takes place at Campus by the Sea, located on Catalina Island, for a period of three days. 




The purpose of Homecoming is to provide an opportunity to fellowship with our alumni who have returned “home” to their alma mater to be recognized and honored.  Homecoming includes the Homecoming football game and the Homecoming banquet sponsored by our ASB organization.

Skatie Hawkins


Along the tradition of Sadie Hawkins, the girls ask the boys to be their guest for a fun evening of ice skating and broomball at a local ice skating rink.  All high school students are welcome to attend; however, the final hour is reserved for Juniors and Seniors to engage in a competitive game of broomball.  This is an ASB sponsored event. 



MORP (PROM spelled backward) is an end-of-year formal event celebrating the end of the year for all high school students.  Dinner and entertainment are held at an off-campus location.

Junior/Senior Prom


The Junior/Senior Prom is an end-of-year formal event, for both juniors and seniors, which recognizes and celebrates the senior class.  Dinner and entertainment are held at an off-campus location.

Senior Exhibition*


The Senior Exhibition is a culminating event for all seniors and is a requirement for graduation.  During the exhibition, seniors have the opportunity to present their choice pieces, academic accomplishments, personal growth experiences, and thoughts with a panel of TCCS staff, faculty, and administration, as well as TCCS board members and community leaders.

Grad Night


Seniors come celebrate your graduation by attending Grad Night at a local amusement park. (limit 1 guest per person)

*Event restricted to current TCCS students.

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