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Community Service

At TCCS, cultivating a heart for serving the Lord by serving others is strategically important to the fulfillment of the school's mission.

High school students commit themselves to 30 hours of service per year. All students at TCCS are required to perform a Christian or community service project during the summer and/or school year.

All Christian service/world impact projects will be based on the principle in Mark 10:45 which states, “For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.” Simply stated, the type of service that you will be required to do will involve giving of your time and talents.

Service Opportunities


pdf Christian Service Hours Form Download (42 KB)

The following is a sample list of organizations or activities where students may fulfill their commitment to impact their culture for Christ during their summer or school year:

  • Vacation Bible School-at any church
  • Missions Trips-through any Christian organization
  • Brother Benos-helping to meet the needs of homeless individuals 760-439-1244
  • Sunday School-aiding the Sunday school program of your church by teaching or assisting
  • Family Recovery Center-showing up and caring for families going through tough times
  • San Diego Food Bank-organizing and assisting the Food Bank
  • Retirement Homes-spending time and developing relationships with the elderly
  • St. Vincent de Paul-feeding the homeless
  • Special Olympics-serving special needs athletes at their events :
  • Operation Christmas Child-providing gifts for those in need
  • Restore International-working to prevent child kidnapping in Third World Countries
  • Christian Camps-counseling, babysitting, dish washing, etc. at a Christian Camp
  • World Impact-assisting with inner-city/urban ministry
  • Military Outreach projects-providing babysitting, meals, resources, etc. for military families
  • Learning and mastering classical or acoustic guitar inspires students to worship the Lord. Introductory and advanced classes introduce students to the world of reading guitar music.
  • Performances in and outside of the school community provide students the opportunities to showcase their passion and talents in a manner that brings glory to God.
  • Acoustic and classical guitar classes are offered during the school day and are listed under the Visual and Performing Arts Department course description guide.
  • The high school graduation requirement states that students  are to take 2-years of visual and performing arts. Two years of Guitar or one year of Guitar and another VPA course will satisfy the 2-year VPA requirement.

Christian Service Requirements:

High School – 30 hours per year (15 per semester)

Junior High School – 15 hours per year (7-8 per semester)

6th Grade – 10 hours per year (5 per semester)

5th Grade – 4 hours per year (1 per quarter)

*Students cannot receive payment for their service. Junior High and High School students may not work for an immediate family member.

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