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High School - Spiritual Life


Spiritual life at TCCS permeates through our entire school program because we desire our students to grow and mature in their faith, knowledge, and love for God according to Matthew 22:34-40.

In this passage, Jesus tells us that what is most important to God can be boiled down to these two commandments:

You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, mind, and soul. 
You shall love others as yourself.

What do we do to help students grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ?

  • We hire Christians who are passionate about students, teaching, and learning
  • Because the Word of God is the foundation of our faith, we offer biblical instruction in our Bible classes and across the curriculum
  • We invest time in worshipping God at our weekly chapel programs
  • We take our faith and put it into action as we reach out to others through missions trips and community service activities
  • Daily, we pray (praising, thanking, confessing, and making our requests known to God) through out each school day
  • We respect and care for each other as Christ said, “the world will know that we are Christians by our love for one another”

Our school’s motto is training up spiritual champions for Jesus Christ, and our definition of a “spiritual champion” is one who is:

  • Vested in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ
  • Grounded in Biblical truth, able to articulate and defend their faith
  • Christ-like in mind, body, and spirit

Chapel Program

Our weekly chapels provide high school students the opportunity to worship and be challenged to grow in God’s grace. We know that young people are searching to understand their purpose and God's will for their lives and therefore, we seek Chapel speakers and mentors to inspire our students to think and live as a true follower of Jesus Christ. It is important for our students to begin the process of owning their faith during these years so that they will impact their culture for Jesus Christ. Students are invited to participate and get involved in the Chapel program through the leading of worship where they can share their musical talents, or by offering testimonies before their peers of God's grace in their lives. 

Worship Team

Tri-City gives its High School students the opportunity to lead worship during the weekly chapel program. Students who are given the gift of music can use their talents to bless their fellow students and praise God for what they have been given.

Mission Trips

High School students may want to participate in a short-term missions trip during their time at TCCS. Our students have traveled to Guatemala, Haiti, Swaziland, and Costa Rica. We know that as Christians, we seek to share the love of Christ wherever we are as we seek to live out Matthew 22:34-40.

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