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Tri-City Christian School is the best!! I can’t say enough great things about our experience, including the education that is provided and the amazing environment in which my children are nurtured in their walk with Christ everyday….Ten stars!
- Stacy Hallock, Parent

ps-0113Enrollment into our preschool includes three simple steps:

1. Call to schedule a tour of our newly remodeled facilities and expanded playground.
2. Complete the enrollment paperwork.  
3. Join us for Parent Orientation and Child Orientation.

Enrollment Form Downloads:


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Preschool Events

Thu May 11 @12:00AM
Fri May 12 @10:30AM -
Preschool Mother's Day Tea
Mon May 22 @12:00AM
PS-6 Full Days
Tue May 23 @12:00AM
PS-6 Full Days
Tue May 23 @10:30AM -
Preschool Promotion
Wed May 24 @12:00AM
PS-6 Half Days
Thu May 25 @12:00AM
PS-12 Last Day of School
Thu May 25 @12:00AM
PS-6 Half Days