We all thought we had more time, and yet, final exams are here! Although it seems like an insurmountable amount of studying; in fact, you've been preparing all year. If you're not sure where to start, here are some handy tips and tricks for studying for final exams:

  1. Spread it out:
    The best approach to studying is to do a little bit each day, with little breaks in between. You should study 20-50 minutes at a time, with little 5-10 minute breaks interspersed to give your brain a rest.
  2. Don't skip the gym:
    Studies actually show that just 20 minutes of cardio can improve retention! So figure out a cardio activity that you'll enjoy, and put it right in between some of your study sessions.
  3. Find a new place to learn:
    The New York Times actually showed that students who vary their study locations actually retained more than those who stayed in only one location during studying! So studying a little at home, a little at Starbucks, and a little at the library, might actually be your best route to success.
  4. Minimize distractions (that means turn OFF your phone)
    Students who are texting, watching Netflix, or listening to certain kinds of music while studying actually retain less than those who don't. If you're one who MUST listen to music while studying, consider trying instrumental versions, available for free on Pandora.
  5. Eat while you work:
    Unfortunately, pizza and candy aren't advised. "Brain food" is considered to be fish, nuts, seeds, yogurt, and blueberries. Eat some healthy snacks, and you'll retain more of what you study!
  6. Use the study guide:
    Teachers will frequently make their study guides by looking directly at the final exams, so the best chance for an A is to look over the exam material your teacher gave you! Don't forget to review all of the class materials from the previous months.
  7. Sleep:
    As tempting as it is to swing that all-nighter, studies show that getting a good night's sleep can aid in doing way better on your exams! Don't just get more sleep the night before, but focus on maintaining good sleep for the week leading up to your finals. It'll pay off in the gradebook.

Happy studying!